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Tales Of Arise is the fastest selling game in the series

Another success story for Japanese game devs

The Tales games stretch back to 1995's Tales Of Phantasia, but the latest entry, Tales Of Arise, is now the fastest selling in the series. In less than a week, it has sold a million copies, Bandai Namco say.

There have been 16 Tales games released over the past 26 years, with many of them yearly iterations. The series didn't miss more than two years without a new entry until now, with Arise the first since 2016's Tales Of Berseria. The result is seemingly a more polished and accessible game.

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In her Tales Of Arise review, Nadia Oxford praised the frenetic JRPG for its gravity-defying combat, strong character moments and joyfully repeated anime tropes, although all only emerge after an awkward and sometimes wearying opening few hours.

I'm not normally interested in sales figures unless I'm somehow profiting - and I'm not secretly Bandai Namco, FYI - but I am interested in the continued rise of Japanese games on PC. Back in July, Japanese developers dominated Steam's top sellers list with a mixture of ports and new games. There are more classic JRPGs on the way to PC, too: the English translation of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is due before the end of the year.

As more Japanese games find huge success by launching simultaneously on PC, so more Japanese games will come our way. I don't care if they're ports of older games, either. Anything that broadens the types of games available on PC is good with me.

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