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Tales Of Arise shows off fishing, farming, and flashier party skits

There may be a public demo prior to release too

The next Tales Of series game is just over a month away now and Bandai Namco are divulging some extra side activity details on the lead up to launch. They've shown off just a bit of Tales Of Arise's returning cooking system, some new fishing and farming, and the upgraded new party skits. You can catch a bit of all of that in a new trailer along with a few Q&A details from the game's producer.

As with past Tales Of games, the new Arise trailer shows how players will be able to prepare meals to restore party members' health or give them buffs. In Arise, you'll also be able to go fishing for ingredients and raise livestock too. There appears to be a bit of management involved in the livestock rearing process as well, posting dogs and cats as guards for the stables and checking on the growth of your animals.

You can spot the skits too, which have been juiced up a bit from the Tales series standard. In past games, bonding conversations between party members were mostly back and forth dialogue boxes with portraits and expressions. Arise is expanding on that with some more animatic comic style chats and 3D models.

Cover image for YouTube videoTales of ARISE - Taking A Break: Skit, Camping, Cooking, Fishing & Farming

Arise's producer Yusuke Tomizawa also answered questions in a Q&A, translated by DualShockers. Tomizawa is quoted as saying that Arise will be similar in length to Tales Of Berseria. He also explains that Arise is intended to be a standalone game with a story that resolves itself without extending to a sequel or DLC. Tomizawa also indicated that there may be a public demo available before release as well.

Ed was able to take Arise for a spin not long ago and found it to be quite a looker, even if the combat was a bit hectic to make sense of initially.

"Fights in Tales Of Arise are a wonderfully fluid cacophony of noise, numbers, and knuckle-dusting," Ed says in his Tales Of Arise preivew. "There's real potential to string together some sweet-looking combos for those well-versed in the doling out punishment. I was just impressed that I could still have fun, win fights, and look cool without really knowing what on earth was happening on screen."

I've quite liked the linear motion battle system in the few Tales Of joints I've played. My last was on a tiny Nintendo 3DS screen though, so I'm looking foward to tackling it with a proper controller and the flashier visuals that BandaiNam are targeting this time around.

You can find Tales Of Arise over on Steam where it will launch September 10th for £50/€60/$60. As for that possible demo, BandaiNam haven't made any official details public just yet.

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