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Tales Of Arise announces September 10th launch and dives into combat

The Tales battle system is back, but much faster

Tales Of Arise, latest in the long-running Tales Of series, has indeed arisen. After being delayed last year without announcing a new release window, the next Tales Of game has officially set a date for the new adventure. Arise will launch on September 10th this year. Even better yet, we've finally gotten a good, lengthy look at its combat system in a new video.

If you'd not kept tabs on it, this Tales story revolves around two main characters and their home planets. Alphen, the fella with the white hair and mask, is from a low-tech planet called Dahna. He's partnered up with Shionne, who comes from the planet Rena which invaded and enslaved the people on Dahna 300 years ago.

What we hadn't heard as much about yet was Arise's combat and how it will be familiar or different from past Tales games. This new gameplay video has plenty to show off, from fighting groups of smaller enemies to much larger baddies. Transitioning in and out of battle looks pretty darn speedy. Oh, and there's lots of dodge rolling.

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Arise's producer Yusuke Tomizawa has done a new interview on Arise, some of the details from which have been translated by Gematsu. They report that dodging is a large part of Arise's combat, which Tomizawa described as "speedy battles where you can see through the enemy’s attacks and follow up with a counterattack". Because the game is faster than previous Tales games, there will be dififculty settings and an auto function. There are also finishing moves called "boost strikes" that you can use to finish enemies off, which will change based on which party members are present. You can spot those in the video up above as well.

My history with tales games is spotty, but I've always really enjoyed the Linear Motion Battle System that the series is known for. It's great to see it looking so action-packed. I'm always up for a nice dodge roll.

In addition to the combat, Bandai showed a couple of party members too. Gematsu lists them as Rowe, Rinwell, and Rinwell's mascot companion Fururu. All three are from the same home planet Dahna as the protagonist, though other party members will be from the planet Rena.

You can also catch an environments trailer over on IGN where they show off a the characters running through a desert, an industrial mine, and a snowy city.

Tales Of Arise will launch September 10th on Steam for PC players. It will also be available on PS4, PS5, and the Xboxes One/X/S.

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