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Undertale inspiration and '90s cult classic Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is headed to PC

It was translated into English last year

Originally released in 1997 in Japan, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is an "anti-RPG." You play as a young boy who gets sucked into a fantasy land where a traditional "hero" has ransacked villagers' cupboards and killed innocent monsters, and you grow in power by saving the souls of those same creatures and "level up by loving."

Sound familiar? That's because Moon was one of the inspirations for Undertale, Toby Fox's smash hit indie RPG. Now Moon is headed to PC for the first time, a year after it was first translated into English.

Cover image for YouTube videoMOON is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 27th, 2020!

Moon was originally developed by Love-de-Lic, a Japanese studio formed by former Square Enix RPG developers who had worked on Super Mario RPG and Romancing SaGa. It was released on the original PlayStation, to some critical acclaim but not much commercial success. Love-de-Lic closed in 2000, but some of its staff, including Yoshiro Kimura, founded Onion Games and have since released unusual games such as Dandy Dungeon and Million Onion Hotel.

Inspired by Undertale's success, Moon finally got an English language translation for a Switch release last year. The translation was conducted by games journalist and developer Tim Rogers.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure has no announced price or release date yet, but there are more details and screenshots on its Steam page.

Onion Games have also posted a Steam page for their next release, Mon Amour. It's a "one-button insta-death action-kissing game that refines and builds upon a mini-game first playable in Moon, now with a romantic twist."

It's worth noting that while Toby Fox cited Moon as an inspiration for Undertale, it was merely a description of the game that inspired him. He acknowledged the game in 2017 on Twitter but noted that he never actually played Moon, because it was only available in Japanese. Now it's in English, and soon it's going to be on PC, so you can do what 2010s Toby Fox could not.

It's a good time for console RPGs coming to PC, as it was announced yesterday that Bravely Default 2 would launch on Steam next week.

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