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This mod puts Half-Life: Alyx's gravity gloves into Skyrim VR

It looks perfect

Half-Life: Alyx's gravity gloves ruined a lot of other virtual reality games for me, because being able to point and flip objects into my hands solved a lot of awkward manoeuvring problems common in other games. It's hard, after the elegance of Half-Life's system, to go back to bending, sidestepping, and grasping at the air to pick up items - or worse, having your hands lack any and all collision with the world around you.

Enter the modders. Specifically, enter modder FlyingParticle, who has released HIGGS VR for Skyrim VR. It's a mod that adds gravity glove-style interaction to Skyrim, and it looks like it works beautifully.

HIGGS stands for Hand Interaction and Gravity Gloves for Skyrim. VR-focused YouTuber Cangar has made the below video to demonstrate the mod's features, and it contains everything you'd hope for from a mod inspired by Alyx:

You can point at items and flip them into your hands. You can use your hands now to shove things around on tables. Your in-game hands will grip models in natural positions, letting you hold bottles from the base, the tip, or any point along the side, for example. You can now drop items over your shoulder to pocket them, a common feature in many first-person VR games. You can use this system to strip armour from defeated enemies. It even works with Skyrim's theft system, highlighting objects in red that you'll be branded a thief for picking up.

There are a few differences between this implementation between this and Half-Life: Alyx. For one, here you point your palm at objects to draw them towards you, which I can imagine taking some getting used to. There's an .ini file included however that'll let you fine tune some of its settings to your preference.

Instructions for how to install and set up HIGGS VR can be found on the mod's Nexus Mods page. You'll want to download the VRIK mod for the full experience seen in the video above, as that's what gives you an in-game body and finger animations for grabbing objects.

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