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This puzzle game stars a shrinking scientist desperately seeking an antidote

Better get to some speed chemistry

I remember doing these chemistry tests in school, where I'd frantically copy the movements of the person next to me as they shuffled round the lab, in a desperate attempt to pass. Size Matters looks to capture this stress, but elevate it to new heights. Well, the opposite, I suppose, as you play a shrinking scientist who must concoct an antidote before it's too late.

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Despite the fact it'll bring back harrowing memories of my youth, I think Size Matters looks quite fun. It's a first-person puzzler where you take control of a scientist who grows shorter by the second. As you can imagine, this isn't ideal, so you've got to race around the lab, rip open drawers, take note of chemicals that need combining, and slap them together in the hopes of crafting a wonder potion that'll reverse your height-related woes.

I particularly like the idea that you've got to prep for maximum shrinkage by creating makeshift bridges or ramps out of mundane objects. While your Bunsen bubbles those chemicals, you may be kicking over chairs and tossing keyboards on the floor to aid their eventual delivery across the lab.

If Size Matters looks very familiar to you, that's because a game called Inch By Inch, which came out in 2018, totes a practically identical concept. I mean, the only real difference I can make out between the two is that one is more colourful than the other?

Thankfully there's no funny business going on here, though, as Graham actually got in touch with the Size Matter devs, who said that they'd been given a green light by the Inch By Inch folks. One of the Inch By Inch devs actually took to the Steam forums to address the matter in 2019.

If you'd like to stress over things in a lab, Size Matters actually leaves early access tomorrow. You can pick it up on Steam for £8/€9/$10.

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