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This Tetris-y roguelike dungeon crawler looks like an excellent puzzle

Blocky Dungeon has you twist and drop a dungeon as you explore it

One of the great joys of digging through social posts for indie games in development is when one just clicks with you. I apologize in advance for not preparing a more proper Tetris pun because I just genuinely just think that Blocky Dungeon looks neat. You owe it to yourself to see it in motion. It made some part of my brain happy to watch even in one of its earliest prototype posts from yonks back in 2019. I'm thrilled to see it's popped up again, looking slicker than before, and with some plans to launch a full version by the end of the summer.

Blocky Dungeon's developer SquareDev explains it like this, "In this game, you explore a dungeon you create yourself piece by piece! Move, rotate and place the dungeon rooms and corridors, and go through them as the knight, fighting enemies and collecting treasures and items that will help you along the way!"

It's really better to look at than read about though, so check out this new video of its latest version:

From the video, you can spot that Blocky Dungeon is perhaps more of a strategic puzzle than an action puzzle like Tetris itself. Pieces don't seem to drop in real time, waiting for you to place them instead.

Since that original prototype, Blocky Dungeon has changed a fair bit. It's less obviously Tetris-colored, for one. SquareDev says that completed lines no longer clear automatically the way they do in Tetris and are now triggered manually by the player. Enemies don't move as often as the player anymore either. There have also been additions like outfits to buy with earned in-game currency and combo attacks.

SquareDev has also previously mentioned plans for co-op (and potentially pvp) multiplayer. Its most recent in-development version does have a menu option for "delve together", though the Itch page doesn't get into what exactly that will entail. As a co-op fiend I'm curious.

You can find the current in-deveopment version of Blocky Dungeon over on Itch where you can name your own price to download it.

SquareDev also says that the plan is to release Blocky Dungeon on Steam by the end of this summer, though there doesn't look to be a store page for it just yet.

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