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This video game teaches you how to use Git repositories

Oh My Git! helps with this gittish software

It's easy to feel like a super wizard class hacker once you learn a little programming. You're writing wee apps, you're scripting this and that, you're surely mere days away from seeing the world in Matrixvision. And then you have to use version control software, and your dreams and confidence are crushed. Fortunately, helpful people have made a game to help teach the arcane workings of the Git distributed version control system. It turns commands into friendly cards, and each level uses an actual real Git repository. Is it helpful? I will confess, even the thought of Git as a game made me nervous. But I like the idea of Oh My Git!

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Created by "bleeptrack" and "blinry", Oh My Git! tries to teach beginners how to use Git with levels laying out increasingly complex tasks, getting into multiple people using the same repository and recovering from mistakes. It visualises the structure of Git repositories in real time with command cards and arrows, updating as you fiddle. If you want to flex, you can input commands directly into the console.

God, even with a friendly little owl-squirrel mascot illustrating cards, it still horrifies me. I've only dabbled in programming juuust enough to bump into version control and nope. I did a few levels and felt the fear. But it does seem good! The idea is great! I'm very glad they made this! For people who are not me.

You can download Oh My Git! free for Windows, Mac, and Linux from The devs have talked plenty about it on its site too. And yes, absolutely it's on GitHub.

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