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This Way To: Middle Of Nowhere

I shouldn't find the phrase "middle of nowhere" funny, but it my head it is attached to being lost in Wales on holiday with my parents, and so takes on a faint whiff of the ludicrous. That's perhaps a little too idiosyncratic a reaction to the forthcoming survival horror game Middle Of Nowhere, but it's an honest one. The game itself has little to do with Wales, but plenty to do with families and being lost. The developers explain: "You are Isaac, a widower with only only priority in your life, your daughter Emily. She is an unusual girl who suffers from a severe case of parasomnia, claiming to have premonitions of a lost world called Nowhere. Throughout the years her condition has worsened, prompting you to seek medical assistance. But the results of the encounter were far from expected. You find yourself in the middle of Nowhere, a beautiful yet troubled land filled with horrors that far exceed the confines of reality; and worst of all... Emily is missing."

Yikes! Details below.

The devs are talking it up as a classic survival horror: "Middle of Nowhere isn't just jump-scare based, nor is it full of action when it's meant to be survival horror. Instead, it's unforgiving to the player and survival is at utmost importance."

(I think I understand what that means.)


The game is in development right now, with a Kickstarter bound for the 27th of this month.

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