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THQ Games Slip-Sliding About All Over The Place

Troubled THQ, as they must be sick of being called, have more bad news. Three of their biggest games have take a slip on this unseasonably early Wintry weather, with South Park, Metro: Last Light, and Company Of Heroes 2 all being announced as falling into the farther reaches of the future. But in better news - as Polygon spotted - it's confirmed that a new Saints Row is definitely happening, along with the mysterious game from Turtle Rock, and a Homefront 2 for some reason.

Because company financial years and actual time that humans live in have absolutely nothing in common, these things get a touch confusing. But when THQ says that Obsidian's RPG, South Park: The Stick Of Truth has slipped into "early fiscal 2014", that isn't quite as bad as it seems. It could be as soon as April 2013. Or indeed as late as February 2014, but let's be hopeful. Originally it was aiming for the 5th March, so it might be just a minor matter - but of course one that changes into which year its money will pour.

The other two games, as Polygon reports, are now aiming for tucking themselves just inside their "fiscal 2013", hoping to be out in March. Metro's had quite the time of it - back in February we were writing a very similar post, explaining that it had slipped from Summer 2012 into "Q1 2013" (which could mean any time between 2500BC and Space Year QX3000). You'd have hoped that would be a January, but now they say March, and it's hard not to wonder how much farther that one might reach.

Company Of Heroes 2 seems more of a surprise, and was again pledged for "early 2013". March still seems pretty early in the year to me, but THQ said in their financial declarations that it was later than planned. Naturally THQ explain all the delays saying that it's important that the games be given time to ensure they're as good as they can be. And that's true. So, good.

Although I'll tell you what - if you're still silly enough to pre-order publisher-funded games months before they're out, well, look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a wally.

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