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1, 2, 3, 4: ThumbderDome Wrestling

Thumb wrestle on a single controller

Perhaps a small frisson of sexual energy runs between the you and the person you're considering thumbwrestling, but it needs time to grow and you fear holding hands might snuff it out. That's one reason why you choose to instead play local multiplayer thumber ThumbderDome Wrestling.

Perhaps you're so physically mismatched that your mighty mitts engaging in thumb wars would dishonour the noble and technique-driven sport. Perhaps your opponent is a bit sweaty and gross. Perhaps you don't have full use of a hand. Perhaps you lack a special move. Whatever your reasons, ThumbderDome is a real game you can play and free for you to grab from itch.io.

ThumbderDome Wrestling gets your hands up nice and close anyway - so close and yet so far - as it's played on one single controller. Each player controls one side, using thumbstick to manoeuvre their virtual thumb and the trigger button to attempt a pin. Get them under your thumb and they'll start losing stamina, needing to waggle their stick to break free. Pinning also charges a super meter, ready to unleash a flashy unblockable move.

It's quite silly, of course. You choose your hand from a costumed lineup with names like Grave Digger and Moscow Mule. Special moves interrupt the action like in Street Fighter IV, and the winner offers a quote taunting the loser. Go on, grab a chum for a few minutes of wrestling. Who knows where the evening might lead?

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