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Former Freedom Force/BioShock Devs Making: Dreadline

Oh thank goodness - I was just getting all cross about something entirely unrelated to games, and then games made everything better! There's a team made up of developers formerly of Irrational, Harmonix, and Iron Lore, wonderfully called Eerie Canal Entertainment. And they're making a game about monsters who travel through history to kill people. Where you play as the monsters. It's called Dreadline, and it's PC only. I want it. There's a teaser and more details about it below.

I'm assuming the nature of the video has little to do with the way the game will play, since it's to be an RPG/RTS hybrid. However, it seems you can expect the art style to be similar, as the engine they've created is designed around bringing artist Steven Kimura's drawings to life. You'll play as a team of monsters, who have a time machine, whose job it is to kill those who are doomed to die in history's disasters. They explain it as,

"A Diablo/Freedom Force mashup, but faster and with more blood!"

Well, take a look. The last line might be the best line there's ever been:

Dreadline Teaser from Steven Kimura on Vimeo.

Eerie Canal recently formed in Boston, by Bryn Bennett (programmer on Freedom Force, lead programmer on Titan Quest) and Steven Kimura (2D artist on System Shock 2, artist on BioShock), names that reach as far back as Looking Glass really. Also on board are Arthur Inasi, an audio lead from Harmonix, Aaron DeMuth and Mallika Sundaramurthy, both former Harmonix artists. Which sounds good to me.

We're in the process of hunting them down to find out more.

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