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To The Brickmobile: New LEGO Batman Screens

Frankly, we know what we're in for with Lego Indiana Jones - Lucasarts property, swinging with the whip, digging with the spade, shooting with the gun, and no damned Nazis. It's a natural sequel to Lego Star Wars. Lego Batman, though - there's a lot more to play with there. Bats' supervillains offer a little more breadth than Star Wars' guns'n'Force line-up, plus, not being based directly on a film series, it's free to tell its own stories in its own gloriously unhinged environments. Brand new screens are beneath the cut.

Dunno as yet whether Lego Batman will be in quite the same vein as LSW was, or if there's much to rumours of it being a little GTA-esque, but here's some hot off the presses screenshots to ogle while you speculate. Peer closely and, alongside Bruce Wayne doing his best glower and Robin wondering about boys boy-wondering, you'll spot The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin and what my memory of reading DC Comics ten years ago believes to be Killer Croc. I don't know what the really big crocodile is called, though. Super Killer Croc, maybe.

A single click upon each of these may cost you a handful of calories, but it will display a much larger picture. DARE YOU RISK IT?

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