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To The Moneymobile! Antichamber Joins The IndieFund

Bundles, crowdsourcing - these are not the only ways to bring in suitable monies for an independently-developed videogame. Fascinatingly strange IGF Technical Excellence award-snatcher Antichamber - as experienced by one John Walker here - has been signed up as the seventh beneficiary of the Indie Fund. That's the investment initiative arranged by the likes of 2D Boy, Jon Blow, Capy and thatgamecompany. It follows in the proud footsteps of Dear Esther, Qube, and Monaco, and is to receive the funding necessary to push it over the finish line for a PC and Mac release later in this year of our endless, ursine lord, 2012. If it works out as well as it did for Dear Esther, both developer Alexander Bruce and the Indie Fund team will be terribly happy.

No finalised release date as yet, but if you're attending PAX East you can see Antichamber in brain-bothering action at the Indie Megabooth, a vast stand, equal in size to those of the big mainstream games, containing 20 independent games.

Here's everything that should be at said Megabooth, several of which I hadn't yet heard of and now rather keenly wish to play as soon as humanly possible:

We're not going to be at PAX East ourselves, sadly, not unless we win the plane ticket lottery. Next year!

Meantime, congrumalations to Antichamber, and I'm very much looking forward to torturing my cerebellum with it in the not too distant future.

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