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Tokyo Game Show announces Xbox, Square Enix, and other showcase times

Will we see the Final Fantasy VII remake on PC at last?

Well well, look at the calendar. Tokyo Game Show 2021 is drawing near, meaning we're due for some news from some of the big names. TGS has now published most of its schedule for this year. A few undecided bits remain, but the names most folks will care about have gotten dates and times slapped on their TGS showcase events. The likes of Sega and Atlus will be there along with Bandai Namco and Square Enix. It looks like Xbox will be there too. Here's the schedule so far for events beginning on Thursday, September 30th.

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You can catch the full schedule over on the Tokyo Game Show website. Here are some of the big ones to watch for:

  • Xbox: Thursday, September 30 at 10am BST
  • Capcom: Thursday, September 30 at 2pm BST
  • 505 Games: Friday, October 1 at 10am BST
  • Square Enix: Friday, October 1 at 11am BST
  • Bandai Namco: Friday, October 1 at 12pm BST
  • Sega/Atlus: Friday, October 1 at 2pm BST

As ever, it's hard not to look at the lineup for a big event and wish for major publishers to show up with announcements we'd been hoping to see back at E3. In particular, us PC folks have a couple big items hanging about on this year's wishlist.

Will Square Enix officially announce a PC port for the Final Fantasy VII remake? There was that sneaky Epic Store database listing in June. Or will they just start talking about part two of the release? Plenty of folks are also hoping for a PC version of Persona 5. Sega are much more interested in PC ports than they used to be. We've been treated to multiple Atlus ports recently, incuding more than one Persona game. Atlus did say back in July that they have seven Persona announcements coming by autumn 2022. Will we get word on the big one this time?

The Xbox showcase will be one to have an eye on as well. As folks spotted earlier today, the schedule originally listed Xbox's event as including "some exclusive news and content". Instead it now says "Jump in and join Xbox as we bring the joy and community of our gaming ecosystem to the world."

Tokyo Game Show 2021 begins with a keynote on Thursday, September 30 at 3am BST and runs through Sunday, October 3. You'll be able to watch on YouTube and Twitch.

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