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NotVampire anime Tokyo Ghoul slashes violently onto PC

Meet new friends. Have them for dinner.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist is a gory upcoming hack n' slash action game based on decent action/horror anime and manga series Tokyo Ghoul. Developed and published by Bandai Namco (as is their bread-and-butter), I'm hoping this one turns out well as I've a particular soft-spot for this bundle of near-future gothic angst and ultraviolence. Probably because the setting is practically Vampire: The Masquerade fan-fiction.

Tokyo Ghoul's setting is not unlike White Wolf's tabletop world in tone, only these vampires are called ghouls and don't fear sunlight (less conspicuous) but need to eat human flesh (harder to cover up) to survive. Ghouls also (usually) have freaky mutant tentacles that grow out of their spines instead of the traditional suite of vampire powers. You've got your secret ghoul societies, ghoul street gangs and government anti-ghoul police hunting them day and night, making it fertile ground for games.

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Bandai Namco haven't revealed too much about Call to Exist yet, but do say that the game will have optional online co-op, and let players fight both as ghouls and the investigators that hunt them. We can at least see in the trailer above that we've got two playable protagonists at minimum (although I expect many more) and a lot of blood being spilt.

Anime protagonist Ken Kaneki (him with the four tentacles) is shown casually shrugging off gunfire and slashing through squads of enemies with Dynasty Warriors-esque abandon, which looks fun but I do hope for some variety in its pacing. What good is being a terrifying, all-powerful NotVampire if you're fighting 24/7? Sometimes you've just got to sit down and smell the coffee.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist is "coming soon", which could mean just about anything, really, but we do know for sure it's headed to PC via Steam.

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