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Tomorrowind's World: Skyrim - Dragonborn Out on PC

I've totally missed the critical reception to Skyrim add-on Dragonborn, but operating on the no news is good news principle I'll presume that people aren't generally wanting to kill it with fire. Or maybe they're still locked in shocked, appalled silence. I'll find out very soon, as the PC version of the Morrowind-set, dragon power-boosting DLC is now available.

You can only buy it via Steam [edit - sorry, yes, you can buy a key from a ton of other places of course, I meant it requires a Steam installation, as did Skyrim], which is bad news for people whose parents were eaten by Steam, and it costs a frankly eye-watering £14. In concept there should be a veritable crapton of content, incuding new areas, enemies, shouts, armours and visits to the Daedra, but it's not like Skyrim's ever had a problem with a shortage of stuff. It's what you do with it that counts, missus.

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WIT incoming soon, all being well. I think I last left my Skyrim character in the grip of vampirism, so I guess I need to establish how compatible that is what riding dragons or whatever.

£14 really is quite a lot of money, isn't it?

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