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Toonstruck, starring Christopher Lloyd, is free on GOG

Drew Blanc, you get it?

Star-stuffed nineties adventure game Toonstruck is as free as a bird, now, and this bird you can grab in the GOG sale. Go on. Grab that bird. Hold it in your powerful fists. That thing's ancestors were dinosaurs, don't you know? You have basically captured and now have total power over a dinosaur. You have not only outlived every T-Rex to ever exist, but now have almost total say in the fate of its ancestor. Take that, all dinosaurs. Turn your all-conquering eyes towards this bit of Toonstruck footage I found on the internet below:

Toonstruck is an adventure game starring Christopher Lloyd as stifled animator Drew Blanc, who gets sucked into a nightmarish world of his own cartoon creations. His meatspace performance is captured as an eeriely orange FMV fella, while the world and everyone else in it is animated. Actors lending their voices to the 'toons include Dan Castellaneta (best known for Homer Simpson) and Tim Curry (known for wonders from Clue through The Rocky Horror Picture Show to swallowing giggles over the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism).

First released in 1996 by Virgin Interactive, Toonstruck---which I keep wanting to write as 'Homestuck" for some reason--can now be yours for free if you grab it from GOG by 3pm UK time this Sunday, June 16th. When it redirects you to the store front page, you may need to scroll down to the giveaway. Oh, and if you're heading that way, you may as well mosey over to our best PC gaming deals of the week first.

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