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Torchlight Infinite's PC version will be detailed later this month

After several closed betas on mobile

Torchlight lives again. Torchlight Infinite is the newest attempt to bring life to the action RPG series, this time developed by XD. The project has been in closed beta as a mobile game for some time, while simultaneously being developed for PC - and now XD say they're going to announce details of the PC version later this month.

Here's the catch, which maybe you guessed already: Torchlight Infinite is free-to-play, and in the closed beta of the mobile version, the in-game shop offered cosmetics, inventory slots, revival tokens and pets. The real money values were switched off, so it's anyone's guess what things will cost or whether the PC version will be the same. XD are best known for free-to-play mobile games, however, including MMORPGs such as Ragnarok Mobile.

Otherwise, Torchlight Infinite thus far seems like typical ARPG fare. There are five classes, with loot, skills, talents and traits to apply to customise your character builds, and an in-game marketplace that lets you trade items you don't want. There are videos of the mobile version on YouTube where you can see it in action, and it doesn't look either bad or particularly exciting.

XD Entertainment say they're going to share details of the PC version later this month at TapTap Presents, a mobile games event. TapTap Presents will be broadcast on YouTube on Saturday, July 23 at 4am PDT/noon BST.

At this point, the Torchlight series has a storied history. The first Torchlight and its sequel were made by Runic Games, a studio co-founded by the co-founders of Blizzard North, the developers of Diablo. They were both friendly, fun action-RPGs, and the first in particular arrived at a time when the genre felt dormant. Torchlight 3 began life as an MMO developed by Echtra Games named Torchlight Frontiers, before the MMO features were dropped and the game was renamed. It was "disappointing and dreary", according to our review.

Torchlight Infinite does apparently have folks from Diablo, Path Of Exile and previous Torchlights among its development team, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised come July 23rd.

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