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Roguelike Mega Collection Torrent Has 700+ Free Games


Free games are great and roguelikes are the best of all games, so a torrent containing more than 700 of the blighters is a lovely thing to discover on a Thursday morning. The collection is the work of 'foamed', a Reddit moderator and roguelike curator, and it's more than a big pile o' fun. As well as containing some of the greatest games ever made, this is an important archive - there are variants and minor games included that are no longer available elsewhere, and as long as there are seeders, any future disappearances will be protected until our computers turn to dust.

You'll find all of the major roguelikes here - the Hacks, the Angbands, the Crawls, the Rogues - and you'll also find plenty of experiments, including those that have emerged from the seven day roguelike challenge over the years. There are variants aplenty and you can see a full list of the contents here.

If you want recommendations as to what you should be playing, you'll have to ask elsewhere. There are seven hundred games to pick through. Maybe take a look at AlphaMan, which I'll always remember fondly, then move immediately to Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and weep for your lost innocence.

The source is as trustworthy as just about anything on the internet - which is to say not at all - but foamed is linking to the files through his Reddit mod account and reckons everything is clean. I downloaded it last night and scans didn't detect anything unpleasant. Here's some background information, as well as a description of what's included:

So I've been thinking for a long time about uploading a torrent containing all the different roguelikes I've collected over the years. It first started back in 2008 as a passion project and have since grown exponentially ever since. I thought it would be a good idea to share the games with the roguelike community as servers will eventually go down and acquiring the games will become a lot harder. A recent example happened just a day ago.

The bundle contains over 700 free and/or open source roguelikes, there might be a few free roguelites as well. This bundle mostly contains Windows executables, if I had added the same games for Linux and Mac OS the size would've almost tripled, but I might make a combined Win/Linux/Mac OS bundle at some time in the future. The size of the torrent is already at about 6.8gb.

It does not include any illegal or pirated content, if there's a paid version of the game it's not included, only free games are featured. If you do however find any or don't want me to share your game then please let me know and I'll get right on it.

The last part is important. While many of the games here are historical artifacts, many are still in development or actively supported/hosted by their developers. Even though they are free, the people who created them should have a say in how they are distributed. If you enjoy a game, look up the creator and check if they accept donations or distribute the game through a 'pay what you want' scheme, as supported on and elsewhere. Some of the best games included here probably wouldn't exist, at least in the state they're in, if it weren't for financial support from players. UnReal World and ADOM come to mind, but there are many others.

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