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Totally Fantasy War: Empyrean Rule Announced

Large-scale fantasy MMORTS

I started watching trailer the announcing the existence of Empyrean Rule - Rise of the Ancients without a huge amount of excitement. "I get the idea, this is going to be an indie Total War" I thought to myself. Then, I saw a troll stroll into a human army's battle formation and stopped to take notice. It's slightly rough-looking early alpha footage, but Empyrean Rule knows how to press my buttons. That's some cool-looking enemy armour designs right there for those undead and that wizard-looking guy has some eye-catching style.

So, Empyrean Rule is apparently an MMORTS of sorts coming from Innofame, a development team who has spent the last few years making Facebook and online RTS games for other studios. You build your army of humans, goblins, undead, and various other fantasy staples before being dropped into a large persistent open world to pit your armies against each other. I like that in concept, the idea of potential persistent infamy if I'm good enough always catches my eye. I'll never be that good, but I can dream.

"But what modes can I play this in?" I hear you ask. Well, it has singleplayer, co-op, and six-on-six PvP. So, probably something in there for you regardless of if you're a lone wolf kind of general, or one who wants to go marching into battle with some friends you made outside of the battlefield.

Apparently the game supports thousands of troops on screen at once, some interesting sounding list of battle mechanics, large-scale diplomacy mechanics, and Oculus Rift support. Right now we have no idea if any of that will pan out or not, but I'm excited to see more of those cool character models at the very least.

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