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Hunt those monsters with Toukiden 2 on PC in March


Toukiden 2 [official site], a follow-up to the Monster Hunter-ish action-RPG, will indeed be coming to PC. Tecmo Koei today confirmed a PC release and announced a release date of March 21st, also blorping up a new trailer with folks duffing up some big ol' demons. I've not played the first Toukiden myself but hear it's fairly solid Monster Hunting with a dodgy PC port so, er, here's hoping for more of the former and less of the latter. Anyway, have a gander:

It's an action-RPG set in an open world full of monsters to bash, mash, cripple, and cut into pieces. In that Monster Hunter way, there's a whole lot of crafting and upgrading. And you get the powers of a Demon Hand (not to be confused with a God Hand) to fling yourself into the air and slam monsters. Biff!

And apparently you can bathe with a robot?

I'm out of my element here (even Monster Hunter I know mostly from the silly Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker crossover missions, where you can learn to roar like a dinosaur), so, er, if you're one for hunting monsters and lopping bits off them, what have you made of Toukiden?

Toukiden 2 is coming to Windows via Steam on March 21st.

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