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Townseek has adorable airships, relaxing trading, and a demo to play right now

Discover the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston

Some of my favourite games involve visiting a fantastical town, befriending the residents, discovering their stories, and trading with them. Too often those same games also have too-difficult turn-based murderfests in-between, though. Here comes Townseek to fix that. It's an adorable and "relaxing" exploration-trading game in which you pilot an airship, customise your balloon, and visit eg. some sort of bee kingdom, as per the screenshot above.

There's an announcement trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube videoTownseek 🦈 Announcement Trailer

You'll be flying your ship around the world of Explora in order to discover "the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston," says the press release about Townseek signing with publisher Super Rare. While travelling, you'll discover new towns, trade with the local sharkfolk, cats and slimes, and then go fishing or farm fruits.

Each town you find will offer quests to complete which will improve your reputation with the locals and unlock new upgrades and cosmetics. That's presumably how you can switch out your dirigible balloon for a shark, or a bunny, or whatever else.

I'm the sort of person who liked Flotilla, or FTL, or Nowhere Prophet, or Highfleet, for the places you could visit and the (sometimes unfulfilled) promise of surprising, delicious story events awaiting inside. If Townseek has even a bit of that surrounded by some relaxing farming and fishing and trading, rather than wasteland death, then I am fully ready to board its adorable airships.

Will it be as narratively rich (and silly) as I want it to be? I suppose I could go find out: there's a demo for download right now on Steam.

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