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Toxic multiplayer is co-op in Freaky Awesome

Toxic avengers

As RPS' toxic sludge and fleshy pustules correspondent, I have to tell you about Freaky Awesome [official site], an upcoming dungeon-diving multiplayer action game with all of those things. In this throbbing mass of pixels and slime, when you kill an enemy, you can walk into its splattered remains to infect yourself with its goo and mutate into a stranger, blobbier form than before - and you can do it all with pals. Come see what that chaos looks like.

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LOVE this music. It’s very Does It Offend You Yeah?

Looks like it has all your roguelite bits and bobs – permadeath, randomly generated levels, changing skills and so on. That last one is worth clarifying. You see, when you roll around in the glowing gibs of a defeated enemy you get some health back, but you also sometimes blorp into a new mutant form with different abilities. Some of your forms have elastic tongues, for instance, and let you poop out eggs that hatch into rat-like minions who attack enemies for you, others seem to be able to throw dynamite. I’m not sure, just going off the same trailer you are. But basically, it’s going to be disgusting toxic traversal with 1-4 players.

It’s due for an Autumn release this year, say developers Mandragora Games, who have experience working on these rouguelarks, having released the tower-descending Skyhill last year which John thought was repetitive but still a “rather pleasant surprise of good ideas delivered without fuss”.

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