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Traaaaaiiiiins: Railworks 3 Trains vs Zombies

Full scream ahead! Ahem. Actually, I think they're mostly diesels, but that should not distract from the fact that Trains Vs Zombies has just been released as DLC for Railworks 3. My mind is still boggling because I only just discovered that this is a thing that now exists. But it is true and to prove I am not deluded, observe the visual evidence below! You could also just follow the link above, but stick with me AND ENJOY THE RIDE BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY THAT IT COULD BE YOUR LAST RIDE!

With a zombie plague in full swing, you find yourself in Oxford amongst a group of survivors, one of whom is The Professor. He has the entry code to a secret bunker beneath Paddington Station, and will lead you all to safety as long as you can drive everybody there! Starting out from Oxford Station, unexpected happenings along the way mean you will be in for a bumpy ride – and a few train changes! You need to get away quickly, as the zombies are hard at work ripping up the tracks, though with a little Halloween magic, a few missing pieces of track won't stop you getting away…

Argh! I used to live in Oxford! It's incredibly picturesque, except for almost every part of it that's not owned by the university. What a horrible thing to happen in such a magical place. Who will think of the Young and Privileged?

It's clear what she wants us to do!

Maybe this lady can help. No, wait. She "clearly wants us to derail somehow". And she's green! Oh, lummy! Out of the train! Across the station! We must find another train that is not similarly plagued by evil!

Malevolent fruits!

Noooo! This train is surrounded by hollowed-out pumpkins, the most evil of previously edible-emblems. Is there no escape?

They don't even have a shambling animation - so well disguised!

Gah! Terror! Malignity! This train is aflame and surrounded by two of the casually strolling dead! Back to the other train, which I can identify by neither its engine nor its chassis being ignorant of such things if those are indeed things that it has. We'll just have to step over the pumpkins, fiendishly carved as they are, and hop into the cabin. Then it's drive-time.

Pull the lever, push the button, tap the dial, wear an engineer's hat...CHECK

OK, this is what we're here for. Trains vs zombies. I've spent years in preparation for this moment, knowing that one day only my ability to maneuver a train along a rail could prevent the annihilation of Oxford (and possibly Paddington Station). Let's just focus on the job at hand, out of the station, onto the track...

Halloween magic is dangerous

Oh, for crying out loud...

Flying trains, pumpkins and people with green skin. Do you want it? Do you? You can buy it here. Or check out the full Halloween Steam sale here.

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