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Transport Fever 2 infecting PC this year

Toot toot!

You're up to date on your transport vaccinations, right? Always get the jab for Reclining Arthritis before catching a plane? Won't head into London unless you're protected against Carpal Underground Syndrome, Ticks Please, Handrail Herpes, and Mind The Gap Crack? Good. But be warned: a mighty new infection is coming and there may be no protection. Following experiments infecting people with a love of micromanaging rails and roads in Train Fever and Transport Fever, Urban Games today announced their deadliest creation yet: Transport Fever 2. When it arrives around the end of this year, will we even survive?

As a transport tycoon from 1860 through to the present, we'll get to gradually build a vast network for fun and profit. With trains and trams and trucks and buses and ships and planes and roads and airports and stations and other things wot making going happen, we'll serve the needs of growing cities and the people who live there. If we play well. If not, ah, fingers crossed for one of those multi-million-pound "golden parachutes" that executives seem to get after ruining a perfectly good mass transit system.

Transport Fever 2 have three campaigns set across Europe, America, and Asia, with appropriate local vehicles modelled for each. Plus a sandbox mode. And a map editor. And mod tools.

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Our resident simulated man, Tim Stone, quite liked Urban's first Fever. He concluded his Train Fever review saying it's "a little under-equipped and clumsy in places, but its economic model makes sense, its ceaseless transport networks are a pleasure to ponder, and its constant encouragement to build and buy is incredibly hard to resist."

I've broadly read that the first Transport Fever was an improvement over Train Fever too? You tell me.

Transport Fever 2 is due to launch towards the end of this year, some time from October onwards. It's made by Urban Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. For more, see its Steam page and website.

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