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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes coming to bodyslam PC


Travis Touchdown, the jackass otaku star of No More Heroes who climbed a ranking of wacky assassins after buying a lightsaber off eBay, is finally coming our way. Boss man Goichi "Suda51" Suda, of Killer7 and The Silver Case fame, has announced that the brash stab 'em up series which started on Nintendo Wii will come to PC with a curious debut, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. It's odd because this is a so-so spin-off rather than one of the cracking core games, but maybe they'll follow?

While Grasshopper Manufacture's main No More Heroes games are hack 'n' slashers built around wonderfully silly boss battles with other ranking assassins, Travis Strikes Again focuses on its minigame side. Travis has been sucked into a Death Drive MK-II games console, see, and has to fight through six games to have a wish granted and things and stuff. It lacks a lot of what made No More Heroes so novel (granted, on PC wouldn't have the original Wii motion controls of recharging the lightsaber with a furious jerking-off shake) and is... well, a start, I guess.

Hopefully proper No More Heroes will follow. Not just because I want more of Travis's fat cat, Jeane.

Travis Strikes Again debuted on Nintendo Switch in January 2019. No firm word yet on when it'll launch on PC, though publishers Marvelous do say it'll be playable at the Japanese games expo BitSummit this June. They haven't said much of anything about the PC release, only that it's coming. "We'll have more news to share soon," they tweeted tweeted over the weekend.

Here, have a look at the Switch launch trailer:

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Which is fine and all, but compared to e.g. this foolishness from the first No More Heroes...

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Proper No More Heroes next, please and thank you.

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