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Trion's Atlas Reactor Now In Open Beta

Testing 1, 2, 3

Trion Worlds' upcoming tactical combat PvP bonanza Atlas Reactor [official site] is now in open beta. The game's a simultaneous turn-based strategy twist on the trendy arena shooter. Players choose their actions during "Decision Mode" before watching how everything plays out in subsequent "Resolution Mode". Rather than reacting to your opponents in real time, you have to predict their movements before hand, giving Atlas Reactor more of a cerebral feel. It's a bit like Frozen Synapse, but with a colorful cast of cartoon fighters and robo-puppies.

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The test runs until September 25, granting players full access to the game during the test period. After that, the game will be down until September 30, when the Headstart period begins, welcoming all players who bought Atlas Reactor. If that doesn't sound like you, you'll have to wait until full launch on October 4, when you can play the game in "free mode", giving you a limited selection of "Freelancers", or characters, and game modes. While character level progress and currency won't transfer over to the full release, you will get to hang onto select unlockables and cosmetic add-ons.

You can grab Atlas Reactor on Steam or Trion Worlds' very own Glyph service.

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