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True Crime In Hong Kong In The Autumn

The next True Crime game is bound for PC and this time it knows Kung Fu. The reason for this is that it's going to be set in Hong Kong, where apparently people are just as adept with their feet as with guns (see illustrative image). Once again it's an open world tale of undercover police work and horrible gangsterism in the real world. 2010's not a bad year for sandbox criminality then, even without a GTA game... “We tried to give the franchise a reboot and take a more mature slant,” producer Jeff O’Connell told peerless news-trumpeter, VG247. “In doing that, to get the background information we needed, one of the writers gained the trust of an ex-Triad to make the experience more authentic." Hmm. For some reason the words "mature" and "immature" both now have the same meaning in my head. Anyway, first trailer below.

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