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Try out 28 demos right now in the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration

A full dragon hoard of demos

As expected, another physical event has gone online this year. The Digital Dragons Indie Celebration is the next of the bunch, presenting demos playable through Steam and livestreams with developers to watch. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is cramping our con attendance but the digital format encouraging events to give access to demos that normally would have only been playable in an exhibition hall a plane ride away is a pleasant side effect. Can we, uh, maybe just keep doing this from now on?

If you pop over to the event page on Steam, you can peep some play sessions and interviews with developers currently in progress or download one of the 28 demos available for a whirl. For me, a lovely part of this crop is that, unlike some other festivals, it includes quite a few games I'd not yet heard of. Finding something new that looks lovely is always a treat.

The Blind Prophet up above there in the header looks like a lovely but grim point & click adventure game. There's a top-down action game called Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) featuring both horse cops with flashing blue and red lights and horse spray shops. This adventure game Röki looks quite lovely as well. I'm a sucker for a nice snow environment.

You can find the full schedule for Digital Dragons' livestreams over on their blog post. There are streams in Russian, Polish, and English so mind which time slot you're looking at.

You can find all the demos over on Steam event page. The full list of 50 participating games is over here.

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