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Turbo Golf Racing's open beta will take a swing from tomorrow

Car for the course

What's with all the golf, Alice B asked recently, much as I did when I turned 13 and suddenly all my friends took up the pastime. I had no answer then and I have no answer now, but Turbo Golf Racing is the most interesting of the recent crop of wacky walk-spoilers. It's golf with cars, or Rocket League with golf, and it's launching a cross-platform beta tomorrow.

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The Turbo Golf Racing beta will run from Thursday, April 28th at 2am PDT/10am BST/11am CEST until Monday, May 2nd at 4am PDT/12pm BST/1pm CEST. Players who want to join can request access via Steam now, and it sounds like it will be available to everyone who signs up.

The beta will contain 12 playable courses, online multiplayer for up to eight players, a singleplayer time trial mode, and a bunch of daily missions and player levels to advance through. Be warned, however, that your progress won't carry over to the full game.

Turbo Golf Racing really does look like Rocket League in terms of its art style, but the main difference is that it's a race rather than a timed arena match. You're aiming to be the first player to get your ball down the course and into the hole, and you can unlock and equip "Power Cores" that help either by boosting your abilities (eg. allowing you to hit the ball further) or by allowing you to attack your opponents.

Otherwise there are jumps, boosts, air-flips, and bootloads of customisation options for your car. All familiar features.

If you like the beta, Turbo Golf Racing is due to launch in early access on Steam and Game Pass sometime later this year. For now, you can hit the button on its Steam store page or sign up via the office site.

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