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Turn-Based Trouble On The Way: Moon Rising

Moon Rising is the first project from a two-man team of veterans who have been touching screen for a while but have now decided to return to PC and Mac. Imagine that it is 2099 and the moon is being mined for its precious Helium-3. Sam Rockwell is nowhere to be seen so instead of battling boredom and a bit of an identity crisis, you'll be scrapping over resources as the commander of one of Earth's superpowers. Personally I don't think Earth will be capable of supporting a single moderatepower by 2099 but I'm pleased by the optimistic view of a world still strong enough to be at war with itself. Moon combat is turn-based and tactical as shown in the video below. Beta signups are open.

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A strong reaction, I'm sure you'll agree, but I've actually set fire to my eyeballs because of those animated grids. Despite that, thoughtful moon-wars don't seem like a bad idea and there will be a single player campaign to go alongside the 2-4 player fights.

The most interesting element seems to be the astronauts themselves, who can zip about in rovers but must dismount to capture buildings. Park your vehicle somewhere tempting and it's possible to plant a trap on it so that any would-be thief suffers terrible consequences. Probably a bit like this.

Sign up for the beta here.

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