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Ubisoft have announced Project Q because it was leaked so many times

It looks like a certain battle royale, but they really don’t want you to think that

Ubisoft playfully confirmed over the weekend that they’re working on a much-leaked MOBA dubbed ‘Project Q’ , tweeting “So, we heard you heard…” The game, which Ubisoft insist isn’t a battle royale despite its strong resemblance to other battle royales that shall remain nameless, is still early in development. Ubisoft have now offered up registration for testing and updates through Ubisoft Connect.

Project Q will presumably be given a better name before release, like NotFite or something. Ubisoft have so far only described Project Q as “FUN!” and say that it’s a team battle arena containing “a variety of PvP modes”. Oh, and that there’s no plan to implement NFTs. Ghost Recon Breakpoint players weren’t too keen on Ubisoft Quartz, Ubisoft’s first attempt at introducing NFTs into their games. Apparently, Ubisoft think people “don’t get” the appeal of blockchain.

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The existence of Project Q has leaked what seems like umpteen times since the tail end of last year. Back in November, Project Q was one of a list of codenamed Ubisoft games in development that emerged from a huge GeForce Now leak. No further details were forthcoming at the time. Alice O reported on the wider list of GeForce Now leaks, some of which – like God Of War and the classic GTA remasters – have since been released.

Over the weekend, eXputer posted footage purportedly of Project Q that was sent to it by a source who wanted to remain anonymous. This footage has spread around, and must have convinced Ubisoft they might as well go with it and go public.

Ubisoft were criticised by employee group A Better Ubisoft at the end of October for a “weak response” to allegations of abuse of the company’s workers since they arose 16 months before.

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