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Ubisoft have started 30 Days of Giveaways

Ubisoft's pearl anniversary

Ubisoft are doing "30 Days Of Giveaways" as a sort of advent calendar-cum-LinkedIn workiversary thing. It's a holiday season daily offer to coincide with the fact Ubi have existed for 30 years. I think thirtieth anniversaries are supposed to be pearl things but the most recent thing pearl-related fact I learned was that pearlfish live up the butts of sea cucumbers so maybe it's just as well I wasn't involved in the planning for this event.

Anyway, so. Today's giveaway is "<75% off Ubisoft PC Games!" which seems kind of a strange phrasing. "Less than 75% off". I mean, zero percent off is less than 75% off. A price increase is less than 75% off. But having clicked through to the store is seems to mean that this part of the calendar coincides with Ubi's Black Friday sale so it's just encompassing the range of sale discounts in that.

If you were considering picking up some Ubi things in the Steam Sale it might also be worth looking at the Ubi store today, in that case, as it looks like Far Cry 4 is a bit cheaper (£7.47 for the regular edition while it's £12.49 on Steam) and there's an extra quid off Far Cry Primal - things like that. I assume the difference would be needing to remember your Uplay password.

It looks like yesterday's deal (Rayman Classic for mobile as a free download) is also still live so I'm wondering if some of these offers will persist for the duration of the calendar. AH: "You can sign up anytime during the 30 day period. However some giveaways are of limited quantity and will be provided on a first come first serve basis. Others will be limited to certain dates and will not be available during the entire giveaway."

There's a Reddit thread based on source code which suggests what the upcoming offers might be, although Ubi might end up switching them around now they're "known" as they've already removed assets related to the leak. The day 2 info is already slightly off as the data stated "30% off Ubisoft Games" although that might have just been out of date naming. The thread suggests free PC games are coming, repeats from Ubisoft's 30th birthday giveaways including Rayman Origins and The Crew.

I'm interested to see if they still do the Ubisoft Cocktail Recipe day. I've been brainstorming this and I feel like there's mileage in dropping a shot into a glass of booze from a great height and calling it Ezio's Swandive or something. Or you could get someone else to next to you and try to drink big gulps of your drink and call it the Vivendi. This is a business joke about the rumoured hostile takeover attempt.

Anyway. The whole thing goes on til 23 December so consider yourself informed. Now here is a pearlfish invading a sea cucumber's most personal space:

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