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Ubisoft's VR game AGOS: A Game Of Space is out now

Gotta go to space

Ubisoft's new VR game is sending you and your goggles out into space to ferry a bunch of humans fleeing Earth. It's called AGOS: A Game Of Space, presumably because the acronym got nervous and felt the need to immediately explain itself. What's the point if you were just going to—oh, never mind. All game names are too long anyway. AGOS has launched today, so you can zoom about in space searching for a new home to plant those humans on.

The year is 2057 and, like a rowdy 80s rock band who've trashed their hotel room, humanity is leaving behind the mess it made in search of some new place to terrorize. They've loaded up a fleet of spaceships and hecked off out of the solar system. You'll play as the AI operating the very last life raft to leave, carrying the humans to their new home.

AGOS says it will take you on a space quest through eight star systems where you'll harvest resources, explore abandoned space stations, and trade with other ships. The trailer up there shows off a bit of picking and choosing attachments for your space-y probes so they can go to work extracting goodies from asteroids.

Ubisoft also claim that AGOS has "innovative controls for a motion sickness–free experience" in case any of you pilots often get space-sick.

AGOS: A Game Of Space is out now on Steam, the Ubisoft Store, and the Oculus store. It's compatible with the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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