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Umurangi Generation dev teases new horror game inspired by Metal Gear and Silent Hill

57 seconds of footage of FiveSeven

It’s been two years since developer Origame Digital released the beloved photography game Umurangi Generation and since then, the team have been relatively quiet. That all changed over the weekend when Umurangi’s composer, ThorHighHeels, posted a YouTube video showcasing three obscure horror games. A short teaser for Origame’s FiveSeven was mysteriously tucked in the middle of it.

Cover image for YouTube video3 Mysterious Horror Games

It's in the segment for Vampire Rain, at around the 15:53 timestamp. The surprise teaser was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user and shared by Umurangi Generation developer Naphtali Faulkner. The low-poly horror title is clearly early in development, as Faulkner said this was “not an official announcement”, and the end of the teaser states that the game “Comes When Done.” Nice and specific.

FiveSeven’s teaser starts with the tagline, Last Train Out Of Narita, before showing some brief gameplay. FiveSeven uses a similar aesthetic to Umurangi, with polygonal assets and bold lighting, but this time it’s in third-person. The footage teases some of what you’ll be doing in the game, as we can see the player-character crawling under seats before encountering, and running from, a shadowy figure.

Cover image for YouTube videoUmurangi Generation - Launch Trailer

Faulkner had teased FiveSeven as early as June 2021, when he released an entire five-second game clip. The most interesting thing in this footage is the switch to a fixed camera angle, hinting at old-school horror inspirations, which Faulkner confirmed. On Twitter Faulkner said, “It is inspired by my beloveds Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Resident Evil.”

Who knows when we’ll hear about FiveSeven again (until then, horror fans can tide themselves over with our best horror games. ‘Tis the season after all) but if you’re yet to play Umurangi Generation, you should. The RPS Treehouse named it one of 2020’s best games, and it’s available on Game Pass now. So what are you waiting for?

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