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Unbox Is A Physics Platformer About Cardboard Boxes

Do your box in.

Amid the recent talk of prominent online retailers seeking permits to use drones to deliver our goods quicker than ever, Unbox [official site] has a better idea: self-delivering boxes.

In a sort of Marble Madness, roly poly-inspired physics platformer, developer Prospect Games is sticking it to the Royal Mail with an army of autonomous, customisable, hat-wearing, uniform-donning cardboard boxes who just can't wait to get on their way. It looks silly, so hop beloew for a peak inside some recent trailers.

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As the Steam Greenlight video shows, it makes even less sense in practice than it does in theory, but it looks like bloody good fun nonetheless. In single player, your sentient cardboard companions will roam several worlds including islands and mountains and oil rigs, solve puzzles and compete in time trials:

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Whilst in multiplayer mode you and three mates will compete in four-player split screen relying on arsenal comprising fireworks, drop mines, traps and black holes:

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The reason local multiplayer has been chosen over online, says the developers, is to pit friends against each other within "punchable" distance.  Or BOXing distance, maybe? No? Maybe I need to work on my DELIVERY. I'm here all weekend.

No word on when Prospect Games hope to release Unbox, however it currently lives on Steam Greenlight.

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