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Universe At War Demo

I've been meaning to post this all day, but ended up playing Assassin's Creed instead. (What a peculiar game, but more on that when they finally get round to making that PC version.) So yes, the Universe At War demo is available for your downloading pleasure. It's info-girth is an uncomfortable 1179 Mb and it includes two levels of the big stompy robot campaign, The Hierarchy. I particularly like these guys because they hoover up cows and people for fuel, as well as have giant walking robots as their principle base structures. They talk as if everyone last one of them is pretending to be the Imperial Dreadnought from Dawn Of War. And that's a good thing, if you like alien machismo. (Which I do.)

The demo is a little dull to look at, and you can safely crank it up to very high detail (from the default not-much detail) to get some better terrain. (Because aren't we all here for the terrain, really?) The environment on the first level is seven shades of bland, and there's much more interesting stuff in the game proper (marshes, cities) because I've seen it demoed months back. This follows a trend this year of releasing not-that-good parts of games as demos. Games are one medium in which keep the best 'til last rarely does anyone any favours. What's most fun about Universe At War is wide open splatter of mad ideas they've bunged into the three alien factions and I'm not sure any of that will come across until we get hold of the full game. It's old skool, this one, but it's tasty.

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