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Universum: War Front Clears KS Goal, New Footage

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The extraordinary one-man project, Universum: War Front, rather significantly caught our eye yesterday. Looking like an RTS from a team of 30 made over two years, this action-strategy is impossibly the work of just Cyril Megem, under the title of StarworksArt Studio. When Jim posted about it yesterday, he was just over halfway to his modest $20,000 goal. By this morning he's already well past it, with 23 days to go. I've a feeling this is going to be one of those times when a developer ends up with a whole lot more money than he was expecting. There's new footage below.

That means that things should well be in place for the planned release of an early access alpha by December next year. It also means that a fair number of the stretch goals should be achieved. At $50k the game will get a whole new map, another single-player campaign, and a bunch of new units and so on. $75k does the same again, as well as adding a new mode - Survival. And the game just keeps getting bigger as the numbers become less realistic. $150,000, $225,000, 350,000 and half a million all unlock new planets, with new campaigns, as well as more complicated features. $20k to $500k is quite the stretch. It'll be interesting to see how far it can get.

Meanwhile, here's the game running, looking utterly stunning.

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