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What? Skyrim Will Have "Unlimited Dragons"

In a story that makes for one of the most double-take inducing headlines of 2011, Skyrim director Todd Howard last week told Norweigan outlet that Skyrim will have "an unlimited number of dragons". You heard me right, people. Infinity dragons. If you were worrying about running out of dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, well, don't do that.

You can read parts one and two of the translated interview here and here. But wait! It gets better.

In PC Gamer's own coverage of this news, they cooly added that the dragons will "be dynamically generated, and will be able to attack you almost anywhere." Holy shit!

We'll be facing off against infinity dragons who can attack from almost anywhere? Can they attack while we're sleeping? While we're talking to another NPC? In the main menu? Can they follow you onto the desktop after you've quit? What if they escape from the PC? I'm currently having some trouble with some of the fights in The Witcher 2, but Bethesda have put my difficulty woes in perspective.

Here's a dragon I have a particularly fond memory of fighting. Thaxll'ssillyia from Baldur's Gate 2. What a girl. But seriously, one of her was enough.

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