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Uplay+ launches today with a free month-long trial

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Uplay+, Ubisoft's answer to Xbox Game Pass and Origin Access, is finally here. The French firm are joining the subscription service club, letting you download and play over 100 Uplay games without paying the up-front cost. There's a modest monthly fee, of course, but forget about that for now. Starting today, Ubisoft are opening the gates to Uplay+, without the regular £13/$15 monthly charge, until the end of September.

Putting off The Division 2? Skipped Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Now's the perfect time to steal a month of play.

While there are some proper bangers in the Uplay+ catalogue and Ubisoft plan to add their new games as they're released, it's a little pricier than the Xbox alternative at only £10/$10 a month. Uplay+ is more in-line with EA's Origin Access Premier, which is £15/$15 per month (or less if you pay for a whole year).

It doesn't even include the rather brilliant Anno 1800, which has had its Uplay+ launch postponed for "technical reasons".

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No matter when you start your trial, the scheme flicks from free to paid on October 1st. If you're keen on getting as much Ubisoft into your system as reasonably healthy in a month, you'll be wanting to kick off that trial as soon as possible. The full terms can be found in a quick FAQ.

You still have to plug in your credit card details upfront. It's simply a procedure, and not at all taking advantage of you forgetting about setting up a subscription. Not at all like that time you subscribed to Amazon Prime to watch Alien, forgot about it, and found yourself footing a sixty quid bill two months down the line.

Still interested? You can pick up a free Uplay+ trial over on the Ubisoft store. Fail to cancel your trial before the clock strikes midnight on September 30th, and Yves Guillemot will personally snatch your dues straight out of your wallet. Probably.

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