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Upwards, Lonely Robot Is A Cryptic Platformer

Go robo go

Can robots feel lonely? Do we even have the technology yet? And even if we did, why would we want our robots to feel loneliness? Wouldn't that be cruel? Will Upwards, Lonely Robot [official site] tackle these questions when it comes out on March 10th? I don't know, actually, because there is not much information on this puzzle platformer aside from its cryptic trailer and the announcement that it does have a story of sorts.

Details are scarce, so, let's see what we can make of this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Seems like the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans lost control of their machines, and barricaded themselves inside some towers, while leaving a wildlife of robots roaming about. Turns out, it wasn't a sustainable plan in the long run, and I'm guessing the trees they planted on top of the towers weren't enough for food, so here they are, trying to fix the problem.

To unravel the mystery, you'll have to clamber up these towers, with the usual array of special platforms and enemies, as well as a countdown timer breathing down your neck. In fact, the developers assure the game will be quite the challenge, and it will feature an infinite mode with a leaderboard to allow players to compete against all the other lonely robots. (Isn't that a nice description of the internet?)

It's great to hear about the inclusion of split-screen multiplayer alongside the usual online - competition is always more fun when you can physically incapacitate your opponent.

Upwards, Lonely Robot will be released for Windows only, via Steam and GOG.

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