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Valentine's Day events, squishing Dota smurfs, and more of the week's game updates

Round 'em up

This week, Valentine's Day events spread love, Dota 2 punished thousands of smurfs, Black Mesa entered final-final-near-final public testing, and Hunt: Showdown added matchmaking for random teams of threes. Read on for more of the week’s PC gaming patches in The Weekly Updates Update.

Destiny 2 had a stumbling start to Crimson Days

The return of the PvP event around Valentine's Day was overshadowed by the return of a bug which emptied some characters' wallets of spacecash and crafting materials, causing Bungie to take the game offline for hours and roll characters back for the second time in a fortnight.

Hunt: Showdown added random teams of three

Rather than have to play a threesie with your Steam pals, you can throw yourself into the system to find a team of randos. The update also improved the training for new players, and added some new melee weapons. It's hard to believe this western monsterhunter was without a pitchfork for so long.

Dota 2 made smurf detection more sensitive

Valve tweeted that they banned "over 40,000" accounts for abusing matchmaking.

Wolcen scrambled to recover from server problems

After being overwhelmed by the huge number of players at launch, the action-RPG formerly known as Umbra stumbled a bit. The devs launched new servers and also rolled out a hotfix with stability and connection fixes.

Wolcen attributes

Borderlands 3 has its Broken Hearts Day

New skins, trinkets, and weapons can be yours for completing challenges.

World Of Warcraft Classic launched Blackwing Lair

Ye olde 2005 raid is now in the new old WoW.

Black Mesa's v1.0 is in final testing

You can now see the Half-Life remake alllllmost fully finished in the public beta build. Though another wee overhaul update is planned for after launch too. Oh god they're never going to stop making this, are they?

Duos are back in Apex Legends for Valentine's Day

Only until Tuesday, mind. Make love and war with great haste.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare brought back Rust

Ye olde Modern Warfare 2 arrived along with a few other new maps as Season Two started. New battle pass there too, obvs.

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