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Duos return to Apex Legends for a limited Valentine's event

Double up starting tomorrow

Call up your best shot because duos are coming back to Apex Legends. Respawn announced today that the limited time mode is making another appearance for Valentine's day this year. You can play with your romantic partner of course but in my experience that's a hit or miss proposition—literally and figuratively. The week-long event lands tomorrow with a couple pink-themed goodies to earn.

The Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event will run from tomorrow, February 11th, through February 18th. The event hasn't even started yet and already players are lamenting that it will eventually end, wishing that Respawn would bring the limited time mode back for keeps. They're playing hard to get and all, it sounds. Aside from these short outings, Apex enforces squads of three, making the duos mode a rare treat.

Along with the limited time doubles matchmaking, you'll earn double XP up to a max of 2,000 per day. You'll also net a Valentine's 2020 badge for logging in during the event. As for Valentine's items, Respawn are bringing back two gun charms, a Pathfinder frame, and this gaudy as heck Longbow DMR skin that looks exactly like the kind of thing I'd use if I played.

That's it on details from Respawn thus far. Jump in tomorrow to get paired up with your one-match-stand or bring along the Bonnie to your Clyde. Until Next week, anyway.

Get the official version and a look at the rest of the themed items on EA's site.

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