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One Month On: Valve's Steam Controller Tweaks

See how they're made!

Cara's gone for a wee nap (we're full of Christmas cheer), so I'm free to talk about something secret without ruining the magic: where toys really come from. We saw Elf on Wednesday (and Krampus last night - it's good!) but, turns out, toys are not made by Will Ferrell at the North Pole. Valve have made a video showing where Steam Controllers come from, which is pleasing in a How It's Made way, while also explaining how they've improved the pad since launch - when it was a bit a bit Marmitey. We should make Graham report back with revised impressions. Graham. Graham. Graham! He can't hear me, all the way down in London. GRAHAM. He's not listening. GRAHAM!

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That's delightful that, isn't it? I'm unreasonably pleased - and slightly mesmerised, merry as I am - by videos of mechanised production lines. Any time I'm in the US of A, I do end up entranced by How It's Made, watching the manufacturing of everything from gum balls to bowling balls. That said, my dream job is probably turning a wheel endlessly like Valtiel in Silent Hill 3.

But, probably of more interest is Valve's update of what they've learned and done since launching the Steam Controller a month ago. Given how weird a piece of hardware it is, it's no surprise that the public have come up with ideas and suggestions Valve hadn't thought of. It's interesting to see how much they've tweaked through updates, and how they've followed feedback. Software updates won't fix some of the physical complaints Graham had (small buttons and some awkward placements) but I do wonder what he might make of it now.


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