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Vera Blanc: Boobs In The Castle Demo

Perhaps there's no need to even tell you that a demo of Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle is out, as you'll no doubt have already eagerly downloaded it by now. No? Oh, well then I'll tell you about this detective game as best I can.

Vera, like so many, was a child prodigy at 14, when she got brain cancer. Her multi-billionaire father got her special treatment in France where doctors restructured her brain "like a computer", meaning she now has extraordinary capacities for knowledge, and of course the ability to read minds.

Paired up with paranormal investigator Brandon Mackey, she investigates mysterious goings on, while keeping her supernatural abilities a closely guarded secret. Oooooh.

And this is all presented in stated comic-like images, with sixty million billion lines of text to click through. And every now and then Vera shows us her bra.

It's entertainingly incongruous to the rest of the game - what is ultimately a glorified version of hangman. She'll suddenly find it a bit hot in here, and whip them out to the astonishment of every man in the vicinity. And then read someone's mind by slowly guessing at the letters that might appear in the phrase they're thinking of.

Utterly bonkers, and not especially good, but blimey, novel.

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