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Verbal Disagreements: Apexicon

It's only words

Apexicon is back. Last year's Kickstarter didn't work out, not by a long shot, but the team are back with a reduced target, and a few more months of work and experience under their belts. The game looks like it could be the spiritual sequel to take the place of the actual sequel that Puzzle Quest is weirdly lacking. There are strong differences between the various classes, and special abilities and board control are more important than owning a large dictionary (or internet connection). Essentially, it's turn-based wordplay combat with RPG elements and that is something I would like to play.

There's an alpha available right now so if the video didn't help to convince you, maybe playing the game will do so. Here's a feature list:

Cross-Platform Saving - Own the game on multiple platforms? Have a game on PC, and want to play it on mobile? We're doing that.
Male and female versions of every class - Choose your gender, no problems.
Full Town Management, Including Finding NPCs and Rebuilding the Town
Customization of character down to skills, special passives, and equipment which you can use in battle to slay your enemies faster
Full Voice Over Narration for major characters, text for minors
Multiple Endings, based entirely on what you do and how you develop your town
Intriguing story that delves into the rich lore
Equipment can be leveled up, allowing you to unlock even more skills and special abilities, further specializing your character.
Enemies who have AI that will try to fight off your skills and use their own
Build friendships with your NPC friends in the town to unlock more secrets, sidequests, and various other fun things
Built for PC/Mac/Linux in mind, as well as mobiles

Project lead Jonathan Meyer is determined to finish the project one way or another and says as much in the 'risks and challenges' section of the project page - "Your support of the project will just make it easier for me to develop without worry of features being cut for time or cost." If you do fancy supporting Apexicon, there's a $12 early bird tier for a copy of the game and a $15 tardy bird variant.

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