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Visible Racing Line: Super Laser Racer

Back from an interview with Gobion Red Redemption - more of which in the near future - I decide to ease myself back into the day of work avoidance with an indie-racer I've been meaning to play for a while. It's the splendidly named Super Laser Racer, from the makers of New Star Soccer 4, where play racers made of lasers superly racing. In other words a Top Down Super Sprint (With Gun Pick Up) game with Geometry-Wars-esque retro-modern sprites. The demo features four course, and three of the - oooh - many vehicles to drive, while the full game features a track designer, more levels and campaigns and similar for seven quid fifty. I liked this. Well balanced - i.e. weapons don't dominate over the racing - and cut to the (er) quick, and very much the sort of thing I played a lot of time with on the Amiga. Only problem is a lack of multiplayer. Video follows.

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(Hang on. "superly" - Ed)

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