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Snog, Marry A Void Destroyer Update Trailer. Or Watch It.

Probably just watch it

Space is almost incomprehensibly empty, and so it's only good and just that humankind longs to fill all that empty space with lasers. Eventually every spaceship launched will be a mirror ball, until we exist in a permanent, intergalactic disco. Then we'll launch the spaceships that play discordant bass noises. And then we will be done.

Until then, you can simulate our dancy party future through this Void Destroyer trailer. The Early Access space game has been quietly ticking over since it launched at the start of the year, and the new Iteration 20 update brings it to 50% complete.

Void Destroyer is a mixture of traditional space combat with real-time strategy, meaning as a player you transition between controlling any individual ship and providing orders to the whole fleet. A lot of the new features, like smooth camera transitions between ships and a better GUI, are designed to make that process easier. There's also new ships and missions too, though.

The future of the game's development lies in more GUI changes and more story content, which the developer's are betting shouldn't take as long now they've cleared the 50% mark: "Once you climb a mountain - it tends to be easier to get down." That's true of space mountains, too; I've been on that ride twice.

Void Destroyer was originally funded via a Kickstarter project in July 2013, where it received $35,606 on a $20k target. It then launched on Early Access back in January, where the response so far seems pretty positive, as far as Steam Reviews go.

If you're an existing player and interested in the specifics, you can watch developer Paul Zakrzewski talk through each of the recent changes on this update video.

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