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Vote now for your favourite strategy games of all time

Our first RPS Reader genre list is underway

Hello folks! As you may have spotted last week, this year we're going to be compiling a new series of game genre lists, as voted for by you, the RPS readership. They're essentially going to be your versions of our own Bestest Best lists, and to kick things off (and to celebrate the upcoming launch of Company Of Heroes 3 later this month), we're asking you to vote for your favourite strategy games of all time. Want to get involved? Here's how.

Like the RPS 100: Reader Edition we ran last year, these reader-voted genre lists will exist separately to the ones compiled by the RPS editorial team. Our lists tend to focus on the games we'd recommend people play today, but these reader-voted lists are intended to take a broader, more historical view of all the great gaming classics, so to speak. And since February will see the return of one of PC gaming's great strategy stalwarts, Company Of Heroes, later this month, we thought it fitting to make strategy games the first one.

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Like our own best strategy games list, this will be a top 50 of your all-time strategy favs. To vote, we've created a Google Form where you can list the names of your top 5 strategy picks from across the ages. We've also embedded the form below, so you can fill it out right here in this post. (Next month, we'll have a form solution that doesn't involve using Google Forms, but right now, for the sake of time, we're making do - watch this space!).

All you need to do is write the names of the games you'd like to vote for in the boxes provided, starting at no.5 and ending with your ultimate no.1. Please try and use the full, official game name if you can, (mostly for the sake of my sanity when counting the votes, but also just to help try and rule out lots of repeat entries of the same game with ever so-slightly different spellings). If in doubt, check how it's presented on Steam.

Your top number one pick will receive five points, your second pick will receive four points, and so on, with your fifth pick receiving one point. These votes will then go into a big spreadsheet, and we'll tally them all up to create your own top 50 list.

And like the RPS 100 Reader Edition, we're also asking voters to contribute 100 words or so on why they love their number one pick so much. Once again, this isn't compulsory - you can still vote without doing this - but we will be including these comments in the article if you'd like to say a few words about why this game is your ultimate fav (it's also why we're asking you to provide your name / RPS user name, so we can attribute these comments to the right folks).

That's it! I'm excited to see what games make the cut, and most importantly, how they stack up to the games in our own strategy list.

To cast your vote, please make sure you complete this form by 5pm GMT on Wednesday, February 15th.

Thanks again, and happy voting!

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